1975 Alvis Fox FV-721 tank – front

Alvis Fox Tank

British military armoured car. Our 1975 Alvis Fox FV-721 is one of 325 built. The Alvis Fox was used as a scouting tank between 1973 and 1994. With a top speed of 104 km/h, this was the fastest and most manoeuvrable armoured car at the time. It’s powered by a 6-cylinder Jaguar engine with 196 bhp. Click here to check out a 360 degree view of the interior.

About The Alvis Fox

The Alvis Fox requires a crew of three: a commander, a driver and a gunner. It might not be the most comfortable vehicle, but the Ministry of Defence was concerned about the wellbeing of their soldiers. So, the Alvis Fox came standard with a tea kettle. Be prepared, this vehicle draws a lot of attention. If you appreciate ‘might is right’ with a pinch of salt and like the idea of making every other car look like a Dinky toy, this hell-raiser steed is just your “cup of tea”.

€900 for 5 hours

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Vehicle Details

  • Exterior: Desert camouflage
  • Interior: Grey metal
  • Passengers: 2 in the tower
  • Boot space: 2 large floatable suitcases
  • Extras: Intercom between participants, fridge, tea kettle

Included in the rental:

  • Chauffeur and vehicle for 5h

  • Delivery in central Paris (post codes 75001 to 75009)

  • 50 km mileage allowance from your departure point

  • Fuel

  • Bottle of Hine Cognac using the front indicator casings as glasses as did the crew members of the time

Additional Extras:

  • Extra time (€ 170 per hour)

  • Delivery outside Paris (€ 10 per km)

  • Extra mileage (€ 10 per km)