1977 London Taxi Hot Rod – front

Unleashing the Beast – Our Hot Rod London Cab

We want to give you some insight about our classic cars available to rent in Paris. We’ll start off with our Hot Rod London Cab. A lot of work has gone into our London Taxi to become the most powerful cab in Paris – if not the world.

We bought this car in London a couple of years ago and then brought it back to Paris. The previous owner used the car for show purposes to promote his taxi company. The car was already modified:

  • Chopped roof
  • Suicide rear doors
  • Body kit
  • Yellow paintwork
  • Custom wheels and tires
  • Chevrolet 440 big block (7.4L)
  • Side pipe exhausts
  • Custom leather interior
  • Custom dashboard
  • DVD player and amplifier

The car’s job was to attract a maximum of attention with its bright color, hot rod look, rumbling exhaust and powerful stereo. Comfort was not a priority. We wanted this car to be a 100% reliable and driveable in Paris traffic. We spent over a year to get things right. Here, the work which went into this car:

  • Custom cooling system to handle traffic jams
  • Custom cams for a smooth power delivery
  • Custom exhaust system
  • Custom heat protection for side pipe exhausts
  • New automatic transmission
  • Driveshaft alignment
  • New brakes front and rear
  • Air suspension
  • New steering box and column
  • Complete wiring loom
  • Custom interior panels
  • Air conditioning
  • Custom LED interior disco lighting
  • Electric side mirrors
  • LED taxi sign on the roof

Today the car feels transformed. Everything works perfectly. What’s more, the car passed its technical inspection in France without a single fault. The car is now ready to rock’n roll and to be enjoyed by our customers!

You might ask what this car is like to drive? The power delivery is smooth and it’s an absolute pleasure to cruise down the streets of Paris. It still has over 400 bhp and plenty of torque. The engine has that typical grumbling V8 sound. Driving through tunnels becomes addictive. The acceleration is brisk and we have to watch it not to spin the wheels.

This car creates a lot of attention. Cruising through the roads of Paris, people give you the thumbs up and take loads of pictures. Recently, the car was at the paint shop for week. The shop’s owner told us that if he had received 10 EUR for each picture of our taxi, he would be a millionaire…

If you have any questions about renting our London Cab Hot Rod, please let us know. We will get back to you in less than 24h.

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  • Location: Paris, France


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